Dronevideo from Karmsund Protein



Ship loader on its way to Karmsund Protein at Karmoy on Norway.


Loading ships with fish meal from new factory build by Karmsund Protein.



PRESS RELEASE: Jeppe Bergmann Rasmussen has been appointed Managing Director of Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik A/S


As of August 1st, 2017, Jeppe Bergmann Rasmussen has been appointed Managing Director of Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik A/S. This appointment is part of a generational change in the company.

Henry Knudsen Pedersen, owner of Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik A/S, will continue in the company as owner and working chairman of the Board, and he will take care of his key customers as previously.

During the last 5 ½ years, Jeppe has been working for Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik A/S as Salesman on both the domestic market and markets worldwide. Jeppe thus has large knowhow from inside the company. Before Jeppe started working for Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik A/S, he worked as Sales Manager for Dan-Corn A/S (now Sukup Europe).

Jeppe will be in charge of the daily management in the company and will continue the positive development in Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik. Both Jeppe and Henry see many possibilities for the company in the future. This goes for both present areas but also new markets are very interesting.

“Our company has a number of faithful customers, and we are in an almost constantly growing segment – at the same time we can see, that our machinery and knowhow can be used in new areas”, says Henry Knudsen Pedersen.

“Therefore, we have to gear the company for the future challenges in close corperation with our competent colleagues already working in our company”, says Jeppe Bergmann Rasmussen.

Both Henry Knudsen Pedersen and Jeppe Bergmann Rasmussen are looking forward to the future corporation where both of them will wear “a new cap”. During the next year, Jeppe will also be part of the owners of Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik A/S.

July 31st, 2017.

Henry Knudsen Pedersen
Owner and Chairman of the Board

Jeppe Bergmann Rasmussen
Managing Director


For further details please contact Jeppe (mobile +45 20804189) or Henry (mobile +45 20804181)


Two new ships for Artic


The two new ships for shipping company Artic in Norway is finished and the one is already operating up in Tromsø and the northern coast line.Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik A/S has delivered the complete unloading system and weighing system for the ships.

Mounted ship unloader


Video of mounted ship unloader for unloading fish feed in Norway – number two is on its way.

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