Belt conveyor

Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik’s belt conveyor is designed to run day and night, 365 days a year! The capacity is standard from 5 – 550 m3/ hour, but is also tailor made in required capacities and designs.

Fjordvejs belt conveyor is made in extra heavy materials, that can either be painted, hot dip galvanized or made in stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316). Bearings, bushings etc. are always in top quality.

Our belt conveyor is built in a lattice work, that makes it very strong and easy to erect and at the same time keeps the costs for shipment down. It can also be built in a sheet steel construction where we also add on bottom and lid in a closed design.

A chain conveyor from Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik is

  • Self supporting (the lattice work conveyor) up to 12 m, with or without integrated cat walk. This way it is possible to avoid extra supports and the erection time is kept on a minimum.
  • Can be supplied CKD
  • The belt is running on two-, three-, or five separated plastic rollers
  • The rollers have a very low weight and are totally maintenance free and are very wear resistant
  • The rollers can be replaced without tools
  • The belt is as a standard supplied as oil- and fat resistant
  • The drive and tension roller is delivered with bushings that are very easy to replace and makes maintenance easy

We use different types of gearmotors on our belt conveyors, depending on the request from the customer

  • Helical gearmotors
  • Parallel-shaft helical gearmotor
  • Helical-bevel gearmotor
  • Drummotor.
  • Choice of motor depends on requirement from our customer, material that needs to be conveyed etc.. All motors are mounted on heavy motor brackets.

A belt conveyor can be supplied with:

  • Top cover
  • Spillage trays
  • Fully closed
  • The belt itself can be supplied in any kind of quality and versions – depending on material that needs to be conveyed and demands from the customer.

Fjordvejs belt conveyor can also be used for filling storage buildings. We recommend a solution with one belt taking the material to the center of the building, and underneath that a travelling and reversible belt, enabling totally filling the storage. We also install a traverse belt hanging under the travelling belt conveyor.

Data sheets

For further specifications please see following data sheets for belt conveyor.

Data sheet 04 - 01  Data sheet 04 - 02  Data sheet 04 - 03       
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