Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik A/S was established in 1958 as smithy at the harbour in Skive

During the first many years we serviced the users of the harbour, milling industry, arriving ships, and other who needed our knowledge and working capacity. In addition to that we also developed and manufactured harrows, field choppers and other smaller machines for farm use.

Fjordvejs first major growth came during the 70’ies when many of the producers of feed stuff for the farmers wanted to deliver in bulk instead of sacks.

Almost all farmers needed a silo to store the feed stuff and the milling industry supplied the silos, which was payed by the difference going from sack to bulk delivery. Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik manufactured a considering amount of those silos and the production was increasing.

Success does not last for ever, and in the end the market for this type of silos meet the demand. However we had built a good relationship with the milling industry and carried out service and installation jobs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, partly with our own manufactured machines, but also with machines from other manufacturers. It could be Cimbria machines among others.

Our own machines were originally manufactured in Thy by DST, but in 1985 we bought the rights for manufacturing the machines and equipment, and in 1987 we moved to our present premises. At that time we were 15 – 20 employees.

The development since has been considerable and we have specialized more and more into developing and manufacturing heavy duty machines for bulk handling to the industry. We also have specialized in building processing plant and design tailor made installations and equipment for those.

We are about 60 people employed, partly in administration, sale, technical staff, manufacturing as well as service and installation of our own machines, mainly in Denmark.

Our product line is marketed world wide both to the ordinary milling industry but also for pet food industry, and fish food industry. Apart from that we also supply machines and equipment for meat and bone meal industry, fish meal industry and machines for conveying material from our subsurface such as lime, chalk, clay and sand. Also gentle handling of wood pellets is one of our many specialities.

Our essential idea regarding developing and manufacturing machines for all kind of bulk handling of dry material is the same – solid and well built machines that can be tailor made if the customer has special wishes and demands. Machines and equipment that is combined by new thinking and more than 50 years of experience!

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