Bucket elevator

Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik’s bucket elevator is designed to run day and night, 365 days a year! The capacity is standard from 5 – 700 m3/ hour, but is also tailor made in required capacities and designs.

Fjordvejs bucket elevator is made in extra heavy materials, that can either be painted, hot dip galvanized or made in stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316). Bearings, bushings etc. are always in top quality.

Generally speaking:

  • Our bucket elevator is flanged and bolted together
  • Easy to service and maintain without a lot of extra costs for labour
  • All flange connections are dust proof
  • One of the legs is always - as standard - supplied with inspection glass and opening for service
  • The bucket belt is as standard oil and fat resistant and with Starco type buckets.
  • The buckets can be delivered in plastic, mild steel or stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316)
  • The bucket belt on our bucket elevator is tightened with spindels, placed on both sides of the bottom. This gives the most exact tightening of the belt

Different types of gearmotors can be used for our bucket elevator. Helical gearmotors, Parallel-shaft helical gearmotor, helical-bevel gearmotor. Other type of gearmotors can also be used – depending on the type of machine, space, running time and material. Again we produce tailor made solutions.

Different equipment can be supplied to our bucket elevator

  • Inlet in both sides
  • Back stop
  • Low speed guard
  • Belt alignment detectors
  • Access for cleaning on both sides at bottom of the elevator
  • Pressure evening pipe
  • Nonfric plate in outlet

Equipment that makes the machine very reliable, and long lasting without spending money on expensive spare parts.

Machines from Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik are very often designed to transport difficult products. If we work with difficult products we can supply feeding screws that secure maximum capacity. The material is forced into the bottom of the bucket elevator and the filling of the bucket is always optimized that way. An additional plus using this feeding system is that the building height can be considerably lower than traditional feeding height.

The bottom of the bucket elevator from Fjordvejs can be manufactured in a round design enabling complete emptying of the elevator bottom. The round bottom is moving up and down along with the tightening of the belt. The material is treated very gentle and very often fish food, pet food and other bulk materials that need a gentle treatment is transported in a bucket elevator with a round bottom.

The bottom itself can be opened 100% for cleaning out. This can be done either manually, pneumatically or by gearmotor.

A bucket elevator from Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik is delivered with ATEX.

Data sheets

For further specifications please see following data sheets for bucket elevators. 

Data sheets 02 - 01  Data sheets 02 - 02  Data sheets 02 - 03  Data sheets 02 - 04  Data sheets 02 - 05  Data sheets 02 - 06 
Data sheets 02 - 07  Data sheets 02 - 08  Data sheets 02 - 09       
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