Micro-dosing system

Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik’s micro-dosing system can be supplied with up to 25 hoppers. This number of hoppers covers most needs for feed production, but it can also be tailor made if the customer has special requests.

Typicalle a micro-dosing system is built with:

  • Five large cells / hoppers (1000 x 1000 mm)
  • Ten middle size cells / hoppers (500 x 1000 mm)
  • Ten small size cells / hoppers (500 x 500 mm)
  • 25 center-less dosing screws – each equipped with a 1.1 kW gearmotor
  • Weighing conveyor equipped with weighing cells
  • A micro-dosing system from Fjordvejs:
  • Makes a reasonable space demand due to it’s design
  • Can be adapted into all plants
  • Is simple and reliable
  • Filling and unload can be fitted to all needs and can be tailor made
  • Control can very often be done by existing system

All hoppers in a micro-dosing system are manufactured in stainless steel with round corners. This ensure a free flow into the dosing screws, each equipped with a gearmotor which should be equipped with a frequency converter. All dosing screws are center-less to give the most exact dosing and a free flow – even in difficult material.

All hoppers on our micro-dosing system are equipped with inspection hatches that are secured with bolts.

Under the bottom part there is a weighing conveyor hanging in weighing cells. This is tailor made each time to make sure everything fits together with the rest of the system in the production.

A micro-dosing system from Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik is delivered with ATEX.

For further specifications please see following data sheets for micro dosing system.

Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik is also able to supply other solutions for a lot of different products. An example could be when preparing pre-mix for feedstuff production plants. We call those systems for “makro dosing-system.” Very often it is used when the product comes in big bags that need to be emptied and dosed by augers.

Often the augers and the stand for either big bag or container is placed on weighing cells which gives an exact dosing of the product.

Having the products in big bag or containers gives a lot of flexibility and it is a low cost installation.

Almost every time, those installations are tailor made. Together with the customer we design a system that exactly meets his needs for dosing and mixing. It is always important for us to make a cost efficient installation / solution.

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